Paper Straw Machine
Paper Food Bag Machine
Everyone wants to do their part in saving the earth from destruction. This is the reason why businesses are moving from using plastic to using paper bags. There are different paper bags with different color and sizes. It can be made in the specification of the client. This machine forming the paper bag in one process from Roll Paper, Edge Folding, Tube Forming, Cutting, Gluing, Bottom Folding, Bottom Gluing and Finishing Bag. Easy Operation, Low Power Consumption, High Efficiency. It is an ideal machine for producing food bags like bread bags, KFC bag s and McDonald’s bags.
Technical Specification
  • Paper Thickness Range: 30-100 GSM
  • Paper Bag Width Range: 80-270 mm
  • Paper Bag Length Range: 120-400 mm
  • Side Folding Range: 0-100 mm
  • Plastic Film Feeding Width: 100 mm
  • Production Precision: ± 0.2mm
  • Machinery Speed: 150-500 Pcs/Min
  • Max. Paper Roll Width: 900 mm
  • Max. Paper Roll Diameter: 1200 mm
  • Total Power : 16 Kw
  • Machine Weight : 5500 Kg
  • Machine Size : 8500*1800*1900mm