Paper Cup Machine
High Speed(90pcs/Min)
This Machine is equipped with latest Technology Single Turn plate with Open Cam Technology and Heavy Compact Machine Structure. So Machine gets faster speed. Machine uses automatic spray lubrication system which increases the life of machine parts with smooth functioning. The electricity consumption is same as normal speed paper cup machine.
Technical Specification
  • Paper Cup Size Range: 40-350ml
  • Production Speed: 90 pcs/min
  • Raw material: 140~270gsm Single PE coated paper
  • General power: 3.5kw
  • Electricity: 380V 3 phases or customize
  • Weight: 2300kg
  • Measurement: 2m*1.2m*1.7m
Our Machine Features
  • patented bottom knurling technology
  • three camp german technology
  • adjust height & pressure
  • taiwan sucker
  • alarming system