Paper Cup Machine
High Speed(85pcs/Min)
This Machine has Open Cam Technology which results in improved production and stability. All use of standard Drive Parts, Production Versatility, Excellent Interchangeability, Easy Maintenance of Equipment. The machine has sensor to detect any kind of problem arising during normal working of the equipment.
Technical Specification
  • Paper Cup Size Range: (40-450ml)
  • Production Speed: 85 pcs/min
  • Raw material: 140~270gsm Single PE coated paper
  • General power: 3.5kw
  • Electricity: 380V 3 phases or customize
  • Weight: 2300kg
  • Measurement: 2.3m*1.2m*1.8m
Our Machine Features
  • patented bottom knurling technology
  • three camp german technology
  • adjust height & pressure
  • taiwan sucker
  • alarming system